Note: this walkthrough is incomplete. There are a couple locations that I didn't find.


Vagria Edit

-Talk to Emily in the adventure's inn -Find more allies in the Pub (Noie, Tia) -Initiate quest 1

Quest 1: Vice Cave Edit

Travel through the cave Emily will go on her own, but is defeated Sheena goes back to help, boss fight.

Boss Fight. Game over rape

Vagria Edit

Go to the guild house and talk to Kurus. You'll receive the second quest

Quest 2: Library Edit

Head to the new house available. Meet up with Steenia and she'll give you SQuest 1 Talking to her again she will recover your HP/MP

Bookshelves may contain items. The doors are locked, so you need a key. Go to the top-right corner of the map and find a jumping book If the book is not there, just defeat books until it appears Head to the lower-right and pick up the item on the floor

Enter the top door, rape scene. Boss fight.

After saving the girl, party heads back to the house The girl you saved introduces herself as Raiun.

Vagria Edit

Kiri and Eiad is avaiable for recruit in the Pub

Head to the Guild house and talk to Kurus again. He'll tell you to talk to the soldier in front of the castle. You can go into the castle at this point. You will now need to ask for information regarding the next quest

Tina will join your party, but you can't control her. Speak to Tamia in front of the fountain.

Go to the item store and talk to the weapon shop owner. He'll tell you a new location.

Head back to the library to the boss room to pick up a speed ring.

Quest 3 Edit

Go to Farios You can recruit Asuha in the inn

Head to the church then go to the north of the map and talk to Paru Talk to the soldier in the north-east and he'll run into the house

Rape scene

Go through the mansion. When you see a hallway of statues, click on the odd statue. A switch will click Head to the dining room and click on the chimney. Another switch will click Head to the bedroom and click on the throne. Something will open.

Go to the library at the top and you'll see a set of stairs on the left

Go down, boss fight. Game over rape possible.

Vagria Edit

Cut-scene at the pub, castle. Sheena falls unconscious. Cut-scene.

You can recruit Feena And Rina outside of the castle.

Head to the Guild house and talk to the nun there. Accept her quest, leave town, and head over to the tent

Side Quest 1Edit


Head to the volcano village, and then go to the hosue in the top-left corner An old woman will ask you to go to the volcano

Head towards the lower-right, and you'll see a man standing on a platform Asuha will fight him one on one, so you are pushed off.

Go back on the platform and Asuha had lost because a group of thieves joined. H-Scene Talk to the man again, boss fight. Game over rape possible.

Asuha rejoins during the battle.

After the battle, go back to the volcano town and talk to the old woman near the house at the top-left. She'll give you some medicine.

Quest 4 Edit

Go north until you see a man standing in front of a tent He says you need to find an item from a succubus.

Head to the castle town, go to the left of the map and talk to the succubus. She'll ask you for succubus tears. If you had already fought a succubus in the volcano, you can just talk to her again. Otherwise, go fight a succubus.

Afterwards she will give you the required item to complete the quest.

While you're there, head to the top-left corner, climb up the wall, and then walk along the wall until you see a cat. Talk to it and it will jump off. Talk to it again, and then you'll catch the cat. Go to the guild house and talk to the child at the table. You'll receive a "<?> stone"

Go to the tent village and give the medicine to the man in front of the tent. He'll ask you to go rest at the Inn, so do so. H-scene.

Head to the tent, and then go in. Boss fight. Game over rape.


Vagria Edit

Head over to the pub. You can recruit Ruth. Go to the guild house and talk to the nun. She'll give you your reward for finishing her quest.

Talk to Lorisuzard directly to receive the next quest. If Ruth is in your party, talk to the man with the hat at the table and he'll give you Sidequest 2.

Side Quest 2Edit


Head over to Tendis town. Go west to enter the dungeon. Explore the dungeon, picking up the following items -red orb -green orb -blue orb -purple orb

Then place them in the following altars:

top-right: red bottom: green left: blue top: purple

When all orbs have been placed, boss fight. The fight will eventually end, H-scene with Ruth

Go back to the guild house and talk to the man for your reward

Quest 5 Edit

Go to the volcano village. Head over to the onsen, and Lace will be waiting Go into the volcano.

Head south until you see a bunch of crystal-like objects. Lace will destroy them, and a new path will appear.

Make your way towards the center of the volcano, and you'll see a rock. Lace will do something, and then the volcano will activate Make your way out, but then Lace gets trapped behind.

Go back to castle town and talk to Lorisuzard to finish the quest.

cut-scene H-scene with the purple-hair girl from the opening


Head to the pub and talk to Eris. She'll give you a quest ("Save Lace")

Go to the guild house. Cut-scene. This will trigger a battle location.

Go to the tent village, where you fought the boss, and talk to the old woman there to get an item.

Quest 6: Save Lace Edit

Go to the volcano village. At the onsen, talk to the man at the top-left corner to get an item. Talk to the man outside of the weapon store and he'll give you some info. Exit the village, and you'll see a new location to the east.

Go left, up the ladder, make your way around and then go down the stairs. Flip the switch, then head back up.

Proceed up the central hall, across the bridge Move towards the top-left, and flip another switch

Head back towards the center and move towards the lower-right. Follow the path, and then go down the stairs H-scene with Lace.

Boss fight. Game over rape. After the battle, go back to castle town and talk to Eris. She will reward you for completing the quest, and Lace can now be added to your party.

 ?? Battle Plains Edit

Cut-scene. Lorisuzard will give you a quest.

Quest 7: ?? TowerEdit

Go up the stairs and into the tower. Make your way south, and then to the next room.

H-scene, followed by some dialogue. The party then goes to castle town Kagaria.


Talk to Paru in the top-left, and you'll be given a quest: Mori no Mamono Go north, across the bridge, and into the forest.

Quest 8: Mori no MamonoEdit

Head north and move towards the top-left, and then circle your way back down to the lower-left. Examine the large tree and you'll receive an item.

Then head towards the lower-right, and you'll find the boss. The party goes back to Kagaria after the battle.

Cut-scene. Sheena leaves the town, but is attacked on the way and captured H-scene with Sheena.

Saving Sheena Edit

Lorisuzard learns that Sheena was captured and decides to go find her. Here, you can only fight at most 3 battles before you are sent back to the beginning. Just navigate through the dungeon until you find Sheena.

Boss fight.


In Sheena's room. Can access CG/scenes. Go to the Guild house and talk to the man at the table on the right. He'll give you quest 9: Succubus _____.

Go to the clock tower, where the last room was, to pick up an item.

Quest 9: Succubus ____Edit

Add Lace to your party, then go to Meiti. Talk to the man in the top-right and he'll let you through The path is blocked by a block of ice, but Lace easily melts it away

Go through the dungeon, melting all of the ice in order to break the rocks. When all of the ice has been melted the path to the next floor will be cleared.

Boss fight: Wendy. Game over rape.

After the battle, Wendy is taken away. The villagers give you an ice sword

Go sleep at the inn. H-scene with Wendy


Go to the Guild house and talk to Eris. She'll tell you to go to Lodoreia.

When you enter Lodoreria, talk to the dwarf in the middle of the street and He'll talk about Arisa, who is out hunting and tells you to come back later.

Go back to Vagria and go to the castle. Cutscene. You are then given Quest 10: _____

Quest 10: _____Edit

Zack joins your party. Go to the house beside the library. After the cut-scene, examine the bookshelves to get three history books.

Read all of the chapters in each book, then go to Meiti Talk to Mina (top-left) and she'll join your party.

Head back to the house and then talk to Steenia. She will then send you to a dream world. Your job is to change history.

Talk to Barom (top) and his unit will charge forward. Talk to each general on the west, and then talk to Barom again to fight him.

Talk to Borzok (top-left) and he'll tell you to inform Reidik that Barom has been defeated. Afterwards, talk to Reidik (bottom-left) and his unit will charge to assist Radia.

Talk to Karudis (center, red hair) and he'll move back. Quickly follow him and attack him before he can meet up with the general at the back. Cut-scene, and then the dream world will be over.

H-scene with Mina


Go to the castle. Cut-scene. You'll then receive the next quest, and Lorisuzard joins the party.

Quest 11Edit

Head to the labyrinth in the west. Make your way to the south. Cut-scene. Party heads back to the castle.


Go to the house beside the library and talk to steenia. She'll give you a Hero-Spirit quest .

Hero Quest 2Edit

Go to Lodoreia and talk to the blue hair girl in the north. She'll give you some info, and a new location appears to the east. Go there and examine the grave stone. Go to Vagria and add Noie to the party, then head back to the gravestone. Go back to the history house and talk to steenia to go into the dream world

When you arrive at the dream world, radia will tell you to move ahead. Go across the bridge, and then head left. GO through the forest and talk to the general waiting beside the river. He will charge forward and take out some units

Head back and then talk to the general on the right. Bridges will be set. Now go fight Rin on the bridge. After the battle, H-scene with Noie, and then you return to reality.

Steenia says she wants another ____ from lodoreia, so go there. Talk to the dwarf again and he mentions that Arisa has returned. Go to the top-right corner and you will see Arisa. Talk to her and she will join your party.

Head back to the history house, and you'll go into the next sequence of the dream world.

This time, the general runs ahead, but gets ambushed along the way several times. Everytime he's ambushed (and killed), you have to restart.

You have to run ahead and search for any dark spots in the clearings. Walk on the spot in order to attack the ambushers. Make sure you reach the enemies before the general gets himself killed.

The first two checkpoints are straightforward. The third one, you can't see any shadows, but if you run ahead you'll see some soldiers.

Afterwards, you return back to reality. Leave the map.

Arisa gets attacked on her way. H-scene with Arisa


Go to the castle and you will receive the next quest

Quest 12Edit

Search for info. Go to the Inn and talk to the maid on the right. She'll give you some info. Go to the weapon store and talk to Silbine. She'll say something about Ferios. Talk to Tina near the fountain.

Go to Ferios, and head to the top. The soldier is no longer there, so proceed forward.

Move around to collect pieces of wood. You should have 4. Then go to the top-right and build a bridge using the wood. You'll find Paru at the top. Turns out she was a spy for another kingdom.
The battle with the paru.

Torture and the rape of the paru.


Go to your room, and Rina will come and talk to you. Leave the town and head to Tosti village

Tosti VillageEdit

Visit Arina's tent. Cut-scene, and Baison joins the party.

Go towards the east exit to enter the forest dungeon. Go left and talk to Radis. She'll join your party

Go through the forst towards the north, and you'll fight Saiyin Afterwards, Rina will heal her from the brainwashing.


Saiyin is now available to recruit at the pub Go to the castle. Cutscene

Battle of KrainisEdit

Go to the new location in the west. Feena can't join you in this battle, so you'll have to choose someone else. There's also an item in one of the crates.

Talk to Lorisuzard to begin the battle. As he instructs, talk to Zack and Tamia at the front lines. Then talk to Martana in the back. Go back to Lorisuzard and he'll charge forward. Fight the green monster that comes forward, then head west and head towards Kadi (enemy general)

Go back to Martana and inform her. Then go towards Tamia, only to see a large force of enemies surround him. Talk to Lace to use fire and then follow her.

Cut-scene, and then Sheena notices Kurus alone to the east. Go over and talk to him, and then follow him up.

Boss fight, though you can't win. Sheena is captured.

Lorisuzard fights the enemy leader, but will barely manage to win.


Control shifts over to Shibazuru and his generals Arusu and Kadi. Make your way through the dungeon to the room where Sheena is held captive.

H-scene with Sheena. Kurusu is killed. Explosives are set off, and you have 3 minutes to escape. Go back into the room and grab an item, and then get out of the dungeon.


Shibazuru's HideoutEdit

Sheena wakes up at Shibazuru's house in some forest. There is nothing much to do here.


Head to the pub and add Arin to your party. Then go to the guild house and talk to the man at the table. You'll be given Sidequest 3

Sidequest 3Edit


Head to the labyrinth

The goal is to remove all 4 magic circles in each corner of the map Note that each magic circle you remove, one member will disappear, so it might be better to clear all enemies first.

After all 4 circles have been removed, a staircase appears somewhere leading downstairs. H-scene with Arin.

Boss fight. Cannot damage him, so run.


Go to the castle. Cut-scene.

Sheena and Loris will go and meet Shibazuru. Loris and Shibazuru fight 1 on 1, and Arusu challenges you to a fight

Back to Vagria, talk to Shibazuru in front of the fountain. Then head to the castle. You'll receive your next quest.

Quest 13: 梦想Edit

Loris, Martana, and Shibazuru join the party. Go to Tosti and talk to Arina. She'll tell you about Zenogria Mountain. Head over to the mountain, make your way through it, and find Radis. Talk to her and she'll come with you.

Go to the history house, talk to Steenia, and you'll go into the dream world again.

Talk to Arigar in the center Then talk to Sairius (lower-left) Now head over to Radia and her unit will charge forward. Defeat the three soldiers and then proceed to the next scene.

This scene appears to involve placing Radis on one of the four paths, and then moving the incoming soldier from the south in front of Radis.

Afterwards, the party returns to reality, and you're given a spear. Radis then leaves. Exit the building, and Radis is seen raped in a dungeon.


Party at the castle. Not much to do. Walk around talking to maids, then head back to the first room and talk to the butler. Talk around some more and then talk to him again. He will disappear.

Talk to the bard 2nd from the right and a battle will begin.

After the cut-scenes, you will receive your final Hero Spirit quest "End of the Dream"

Hero Quest 4: End of the DreamEdit

Go to the history house and talk to Steenia. She will send you to the dream world. The first scene is to just kill the soldiers.

The second scene, you have to escort him out of the castle safely. Soldiers will appear and try to attack him, so you must eliminate them. Failure will result in h-scene with Radia.

The third scene, a soldier with a flag will try to cross the bridge. You must collapse all of the bridges. Failure will result in h-scene with Ares

The fourth scene, talk to the soldier on the horse, and then they will try to catch you You must survive for one minute. Failure will result in H-scene with Ares

After the minute is up, you will fight a battle, but Sheena won't be in it. Then the dream will end.


Talk to Martana near the fountains. Go to Lodoreia and see Rina and Baison at the inn. You'll receive your next quest

Quest 14Edit

Go to the church and talk to the priest. He will run. Proceed up the stairs into the dungeon

Go to the top of the map, and find the priest. Boss fight. Game over rape.

After the fight, the priest will warp somewhere.

Go to the history house and talk to Steenia about the issue. She will take you to the dream world.

The general at the central castle gives you the instructions. Go to the top-right fort. It should take you to a scene where you must prevent soldiers from invading the fort. Either way they will take over the fort.

Go back to the castle and tell him the fort has fallen. He will tell you to tell the northern forces to charge.

Report back to the castle and then he will tell you to go to the south-eastern fort. Defeat the moving soldier, and then report back.

Now head over to the north-western fort and talk to the general. He will charge in, and another general will chase after him. Defeat the girl, then the battle ends.

Now that the battle is over, head towards the south-western fort Find three monsters that turn into black magic circles. When all three have been found, a bridge now allows you to cross over the river in the north

Go up the ladder, H-scene with Raiun, then defeat the priest for good. The dream ends, and you receive an item, and Raiun will join your party.


Head to the castle, and you learn that the Garshida kingdom has sent their entire army towards you. You receive your next quest.

Quest 15Edit

Go to Tosti, and the army has already captured the village. Go to Arina's tent. H-scene with Arina. Go back down, and several more H-scenes.

Then the enemy general will find you and you run away into the forest. If you get caught by a soldier, H-scene, and retry.

Make your way through the forest until you reach a dead-end scene. You wait until nightfall and then escape.


Go to the casle, and receive the next quest

Quest 16Edit

Go to Shizarus castle town in the east. Talk to Richiya at the fountain and she will make preparations. talk to her again at the docks and set sail.

Make your way through the forest. Large earthquake separates you from Richiya. Make your way around to the stairs. H-scene with Richiya along the way.

Go down the stairs. Boss fight. Game over rape. Afterwards you're back to the seaside castle. Talk to Richiya to get an item, and leave the city.


Zack is waiting in the middle of the road. Talk to him and you'll get your next quest.

Quest 17Edit

Head to the battle field in the west. Go around the fort and down the stairs Head south in the waterway. Be careful of a surprise battle right before the exit

H-scene with Shubine Cut-scene at base, receive next quest

Quest 18=Edit

Go to Zenogria Mountain In the first cave, go to the top-left and then click on the rock blocking the way. Arusu will burn it away. Proceed forward, picking up some orbs.

Place it in the following order

*   *  // twin statues
* * *  // bottom of map

Arusu will go alone, but then get ambushed. H-scene with Arusu

Boss fight, Game over Rape

Cut-scene, H-scene

After the scene, you will be back at the main camp and move into a forest. In this forest, you need to build bridges, but you need some wood. You can randomly encounter trees, which will drop the wood you need. If you need wood, just walk around and fight more trees. Make your way to the west of the forest and exit.

Cut-scene H-scene with Tina

Go down the path and around until you reach the castle. Cut-scene. Choose your party. Would be nice to have someone with status recovery magic like Feena Then you will enter the castle

There are two switches on this map: left-most side and right-most side. Flip both switches, then head south

Cut-scene. You will find Shubine and Odis in a forest.

Boss fight with Shubine and Odis. Odis has a skill that will blind everyone.

Cut-scene with Baison and Rina, whose unit loses to the enemy. H-scene with Rina. The enemy then kills Rina.

Loris learns of this and decides to go in. He kills the Garshida king and leaves.

Shubine is seen stumbling down the path, but Baison comes in and kills her.


You can now walk around the city. Go east, and then examine one of the crates blocking the way. Sheena will break it. Proceed north and then peer through the windows

H-scene with two girls

Go to the pub and talk to Shibazuru You can now leave the city.


Go to your room. Cut-scene. Go to the weapon store. Afterwards, go to the Guild house and you'll see a soldier. He'll give you a quest Go to Garshida, head north, and then talk to the soldier in front of the bridge. He'll give you a sidequest.

Sidequest 4Edit

Go to Tosti. Sheena will go in alone. Examine the second tent to the left and a soldier runs into the forest. Follow him, and you will have to catch several soldiers.

First scene: 20 seconds. Retry on failure. Second scene: 15 seconds. Retry on failure. Third scene: 15 seconds. Retry on failure. Fourth scene: 15 seconds. Retry on failure.

The fourth soldier is the general. He doesn't run and will fight. Game over rape. Either way, Tosti will be freed.

You can now recruit Arina at her tent. Go back to the soldier in Garshida and he'll give you a "Scorpion Attack" item

Quest 19Edit

Go to the Kafis Upon entering, a soldier will run away.

Walk down and then talk to Belma. Then go further down to the dungeon. Jump down the rocks until you see the boss.

Boss fight.

After the fight you will be back in Kafis. Talk to Belma, then go back to Vagria. Go to the guild house and talk to the soldier and he'll thank you and leave.


Go to the castle. After the cut-scene, head to the guild house and talk to Kyrie. She will run out. Follow her.

Cut-scene with Kadi and Arusu. Kadi will be defeated. h-scene with Arusu

Cut-scene at the castle again. You will receive your next quest

Quest 20Edit

Leave the castle and go to Reiaru Ruins (レイアル砦跡) Just go through the tower towards the top.

Boss Fight: Raka

Proceed forward and go through the doors. H-scene with Kyrie.

Odis turns into a monster. Boss. Game over rape (however you game over...maybe a bug in logic)

After defeating the boss, Arusu walks in. Cut-scene. Baison finds the Jimode in a forest and kills him.


Loris, Tina, Eris, Zack, Martana, and Gaike can all be added to your party, though you can't control them. Sheena sees Raiun below. Talk to her and she'll give you another key to the library. She'll then give you the next quest.

Go to Lodoreia and you'll see Arisa at the top. She'll give you a "Strike Ring"

The UnicornEdit

Go to Shizarus and talk to the woman in front of the house on the right if you haven't already. She'll give you some beauty item.

Talk to the man near the right exit and he'll give you a Unicorn Horn in exchange for the beauty item

Quest 21Edit

Go to the Library. Head up the stairs and then enter the first set of doors. The dungeon is straightforward: destroy the magic circles to clear a door.

When you reach the bottom-left, you will see Steenia. H-scene with Steenia

Boss fight. After a few turns, Sheena will realize that normals attacks don't work and the boss keeps regenerating. Use Sheen's new sealing skill to disable the immunity and regeneration, and the battle should be straightforward.

NOTE that there is a bug in this battle and your game will crash for some reason if you use certain skills, so save before the fight.

After the right you will return to the history house.


Go to the castle to get your next quest: Ikusa Otome

Quest 22: Ikusa OtomeEdit

Go to Raina Tower. You will need to defeat two guardians first in order to get their key fragments.

Go west and then work your way up to fight a boss. Then go back down and head east, and repeat.

Then go up the tower, taking the central stairs. With both key fragments, place the fragments in the two statues. The door will then open.

Walk up the stairs, and you'll run into a boss.

Boss fight The boss has three forms, each time exploding when enough damage is dealt. After defeating the boss, continue up the stairs and you will see Raina.

She will give you a spear and a sword

Cut-scene. Eris finds Jimode in the forest. Baison then enters and attacks her. H-scene with Eris.


Go to the castle. Cut-scene. Martana will talk to Baison, but is attacked. H-scene with Martana.

Talk to Loris in the middle of the road. Talk to the soldier in front of the castle gates and you will enter Martana's room. Check the bookshelves and you'll find a letter. Talk to Loris again. Talk to Kyrie.

Then go to Kafis and talk to Belma. You can now recruit her.

Go back to Vagria and talk to Loris. You will now go save Martana Go to Slime Town

H-scene with Martana Loris jumps in and kills all the bandits. Return back to Vagria and then go to the castle. You will receive the next quest.

Quest 23Edit

Go through the map. Then you'll find Baison.

Boss fight: Baison. After defeating him, he transforms into a monster

Boss fight.

This is the final battle. After defeating him, cut-scene. And then end of the game.


After beating the game, Lavis appears and you take control of him. You can now go and capture girls. Each girl you defeat will result in h-scene And then you can recruit her at Vice cave.

  • First go and capture Arina.
  • Shibazaru's house: Saiyin.
  • Clock tower: Wendy.
  • Volcano: Asuha

Head back to Vice cave and Eado cames to fight you. Defeat him, and you can recruit him as well.

  • Kafi: Belma.
  • Gruze: Radis, Arisa, and Mina
  • Bridge: Emily and Tia
  • Library: Ruth, Kyrie, Richiya, Raiun, and Feena
  • Fort in the north: Arin, Noie, and Lace
  • Raina Tower: Arusu and Steenia, Tina, Eris, Sheena, Raina, Martana
    • First capture Arusu and Steenia on 1st floor
    • Then capture Tina and Eris on 2nd floor
    • Then capture Sheena on 3rd floor
    • Then capture Raina at the top of 3rd floor
    • Then go back to the 2nd floor, go down the middle to find Martana

Now you have captured all of the girls, and can proceed to the final bonus dungeon.

You should have all scenes unlocked at this point.