Game articlesEdit

  • Each game should have their own article
  • Articles related to the game should be placed as subpages (eg: walkthroughs, item lists, etc). Example: a game's walkthrough
  • Anything about the game is good enough
  • Romanized names for the article name if possible. Re-directs to the article for japanese name.


Seems like this wiki doesn't support non-image/sound files. Or zip files. Will have to think about how to deal with save files and translations.



Use commonly accepted game genres.


The following categories are available:

You can use the following short-hand as well when categorizing the page (if you edit using wiki markup directly):

  • {{RM2K}}
  • {{RM2K3}}
  • {{RMXP}}
  • {{RMVX}}
  • {{RMVXA}}