RPG Maker games can be easily localized, provided that you have access to the data files as well as the RPG Maker editor software.

Obtaining the filesEdit

  1. Unpack the rgss archive (rgssad, rgss2a, or rgss3a)
  2. Copy a project file into the project folder
  3. Start up RPG Maker editor and load the project file. At this point, you should be able to edit the game freely.

Translating the gameEdit

There are several different parts of the game that you will need to go over.


Accessed through the menu bar or pressing F9

  • Translate names of actors, items, skills, equips, enemies, states, and system terminology.
  • This is also where the troops are defined, with all of the troop events in case there are battle-related texts that should be translated.
  • Common events typically also have messages that may need to be translated.


Accessed through the menu bar or pressing F11

  • System messages may be found here, primarily in the "Vocab" module
  • Custom scripts may also display messages


If the map has a name, you may want to translate that as well.


The majority of the game's interaction occur in these objects, so all of the dialogue will likely be stored in an event. It should be safe to simply go through each event and traslate them one by one

Distributing translationsEdit

All of the game's data are usually stored in the data folder (.rxdata, .rvdata, .rvdata2). Consequently, there are two simple ways to share your translation works:

  • Send the data files to others and ask them to unpack the game archive and replace all of the data files
  • Pack up the game using the editor and then distribute the patched game archive.

The first one requires the least amount of bandwidth, and is typically at most 1 MB for everything. The latter approach depends on the size of the rest of the game's data including all of the graphics which can be very large.